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Purchase process

To purchase the book you want, you need to add it to your cart, go to the checkout page, fill out your billing details. After that you will be redirected to the payment page protected by PCIDSS standards, where you need to enter your payment card details. After completion of payment, you will be redirected back to our website, where in your personal account in the section "Downloads" you will be able to download the purchased e-book.

One User Per Book

Our ebooks are sold under licence from book publishers. An important condition of the licence is that, when you buy the ebook from, it can only be used by one individual. Lending and sharing is not permitted.

It is not permitted to buy one copy of the ebook and then load it onto multiple devices for several people to use. Nor can you load a book onto a device and then pass the device on to multiple individuals one after another.

If you buy the ebook and give it to another person, it is theirs to keep for life. But they may not then lend or share it with another user.

If you want to provide, say, 20 copies of the ebook to 20 people, you will need to pay for 20 copies, and then distribute the ebooks to the 20 people. (We'll show you how.)

Expiry of Vouchers, Gift Certificates and Store Credits

If you receive a gift certificate, store credit of voucher ("Voucher") that can be redeemed in exchanged for ebooks, said Voucher will expire 24 months after the date of issue.

Purchase License

By purchasing from these items ("the Items"), entitled [shown on order page] I acknowledge that:

  • I am [customer name];
  • I have read the terms of the Customer License which I accepted on [date (being a date inserted by our systems and recorded in it)];
  • I have read the Terms of Use of the Website which I accepted on [date (being a date inserted by our systems and recorded in it)];
  • I am bound by the limitations on copying embedded in the reader software supplied with the Items; and
  • I further acknowledge that these limitations override (to the extent permitted by law) any right that I might have to use the Items under the copyright legislation in the country of use.

Refund Policy

An ebook you purchase from is eligible for return if we receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase, and you have read less than 10 per cent of the book. We will issue you a store credit, or process a full refund to your card.

If an ebook does not perform as described by us, you may return it at any time under these rules:

Return of eBook for no reason

You can do this within 7 days of purchase if you’ve read less than 10 per cent of the book. We’ll issue a store credit or refund.

Return of ebook for a valid reason

Up to 365 days

We will issue a store credit or process a refund, if possible. (If too much time has passed, your card issuer may not allow a refund. The window for processing refunds varies from one provider to another; it can be weeks or months. In such cases we will provide you a store credit.)

After a year

It is unlikely that we would do this. Whether or not we process a refund after such a long time is entirely at our discretion, and will be determined on the merits of the case. If we grant a refund in such a case it will only be in the form of a gift certificate that can be redeemed for purchases at

What is a "valid reason" for returning an ebook?

We take a commonsense approach to refund requests. What constitutes a "valid reason" can change over time, along with changes in technology, and will be determined entirely at our discretion based on the circumstances. No correspondence will be entered into regarding such determination.

"I didn't enjoy the book" is not a valid reason.

Technical problems

"The ebook didn't meet my technical expectations" can be a valid reason for refund if the product falls short of its description. If an ebook you buy from us does not match its description in some respect, then we will process a full refund without hesitation.

Among other things, the description includes:

  • The ebook's file format(s)
  • Restrictions on copying, printing, sharing, etc, if any
  • Requirements for installing additional software or apps, if necessary
  • Supported reading devices and operating systems
  • Number of pages

The description displayed on each ebook's product page on constitutes our entire representation as to that product's characteristics and functionality.

Technology changes over time. We currently support over 20,000 different reading devices. If you find that an ebook you bought in the past does not suit your needs today because of changes in technology outside our control (for example, because you bought a new device that does not support our file formats, or because the manufacturer's firmware upgrade renders the ebook unusable on that particular device), you are not entitled to a refund.

Remember, every ebook offered for sale on can be read on any device that has a web browser.

Non-Technical Problems

There's a variety of real-world issues that can trigger a refund. Just contact our support team and they'll be glad to help. For example, if you bought an ebook for a course but then changed courses, or the instructor changed the recommended text, let us know and we'll fix that – provided you haven't read more than 10 per cent of the book.

Vouchers and Gift Certificates

Vouchers are sold on a firm sale, non-returnable basis. If you buy a batch of vouchers, you are not entitled to a refund for un-redeemed vouchers. This is because, having sold you a voucher or batch of vouchers for a specific title, we then pay the publisher(s) of the ebooks for the whole batch, on a firm sale, non-returnable basis.

You can return a gift certificate on the same terms as any ebook (as above), provided that the gift certificate has not been redeemed.


These rules are really only designed to prevent abuse, which sometimes happens. We are reasonable, and are keen to help reasonable people who act reasonably.

We monitor returns and refund requests in order to prevent abuse. The ability to buy more ebooks from will be withdrawn if, in our sole judgment, we have reasonable grounds to believe the user is abusing the system.

When we process a refund for an ebook, we'll disable your access to the ebook (delete it from your online bookshelf).


If an ebook becomes corrupted or requires replacement during the normal course of use, you can re-download anytime from your account.